‘A Warning to the Curious’ is arguably M R James’s last great ghost story. Published in 1925, it draws on the author’s own experience of holidaying in Aldeburgh, and seems at the same to time to be a response to the traumas of the first World War. Robert Lloyd Parry looks at the cultural and historical influences on the tale in an hour long documentary for Amazon Prime.

The English seaside has never looked so menacing.

You really need to get the shot when you are crash testing a brand new formula 1 car…

not only is the car expensive, but one day somebody life will depend on the results, not just a formula 1 racing driver but soon enough in production cars

this also gives us a chance to experiment with the art of slow motion filming

new horizons

the ability to play with time

a world at 5000 frames per second, a life in the blink of an eye

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