‘Wits in Felixstowe’ – A Documentary about M R James’s masterpiece Oh, Whistle, and I’ll Come to You, My Lad

Having been introduced to Robert Lloyd Parry (AKA Nunkie), through his agent Michelle Hilborne, at forestmarble. http://www.forestmarble.com  we hit it off immediately with our shared passion for specialist storytelling and all things other worldly.

To date I have collaborated with Robert on four films based on tales from MR James. From the all time classic Casting the Runes to some more obscure writings such as James final, posthumous piece, A Vignette.  

Wits in Felixstowe frame beer

Celebrating the release of Oh, Whistle, and I’ll Come to You, My Lad, we were originally planning to include a four minute short extra to accompany the film.  However, the more research that went into looking at the history of MR James and his story the greater the documentary became, until it was its own entity.

Wits in Felixstowe frame siloet house

Set in and around Cambridge King’s College and Felixstowe Lodge the documentary explores the lives of James’ friends, his relationships and social life.  Looking at influences for his writing and the story behind the story this documentary really pulls the viewer into James’ world.

With the help of some very colourful locals we were given unprecedented access to the room where Professor Parkins was confronted by a ghostly apparition and access to the Cobalt’s holiday house where the story itself was written.

Robert’s engaging style of presentation pulls you in and with my camera work I feel that this documentary is a great success.  To be free to choose the style of shots was wonderful from my point of view; long wistful shots over the groynes at Felixstowe, close and intimate shots in the pub where James sat, candid scenes in and around Cambridge itself lent to a stimulating and unique style of camerawork.

The only question remaining unanswered is where to next? Who fancies Scandinavia! 

Wits in Felixstowe The Trailer from thomthomproductions on Amazon Prime