email just in…. Straight8 2016 has just opened! ThomThom are going to drop everything (accept the paid work!) and dig out the sacred book of “film pitches”, with a deadline of the 4 April, the turn around for a top notch award winning film is tight. This takes us right back to the beginning, raw film making on classic celluloid. Straight8 sends a sealed roll of film (in the classic super8 cartage) we film a complete short and without ever seeing or editing the film we send it back to soho for them to process it. In the classic era of straight8 nobody saw the film until the opening night, so we would watch our film on the edge of our seats in front of a live cinema audience…enjoying the excitement of seeing if we were able to create a celluloid masterpiece or if we had travelled all that way to see that we had forgotten to take our lens cap off…

We spotted that Kodak has just launched a brand new super8 camera, riding on the wave of analogue revival, and here at thomthom we are happy to be a part of it. If we are feeling brave we might even upload our back catalogue of super8 shorts.

please keep 6th May 2016 free for the cannes film festival premier!

see you on the beach in the Kodak Pavilion,

(now all we need to do is write, storyboard, produce, cast, direct, film and score the best film we can possibly make!)

sign up for the straight8 competition here

details of the new Kodak super8 Camera here