the moving image is everywhere

let us create your website moving image content

need a gif? let us gif it!

packshots for your products? be it a bespoke one off sale or a 1000  product online catalogue  let us handle it, 360 or a demonstration

need to imbed an animated avatar?   give us a call?

from shoes to mustangs, Facebook, Websites, eBay


ThomThomProductions are proud to present Video On Demand

also Now available on DVD from the Nunkie Directly here

with our Vimeo professional account we can now film, edit and host your video on demand

you have total control over your product,  promotion and price to perfect your profit

there is no such a thing as a niche film, we specialise in niche films, long live niche films!

remember whatever your interests and specialism are, we can now sell it direct to a worldwide audience, harness the power of the world wide web to draw on the millions of eager like minded enthusiasts.

be they MR James fanatics, Royal Mail Postbox spotters, Punch and Judy Puppeteers every interest group deserves a good film to settle down after a hard days enthusing!

contact us and be a video on demand hero!

make that a profit making video on demand hero!


working for the FIA for Formula 1

You really need to get the shot when you are crash testing a brand new formula 1 car…

not only is the car expensive, but one day somebody life will depend on the results, not just a formula 1 racing driver but soon enough in production cars




this also gives us a chance to experiment with the art of slow motion filming

new horizons

the ability to play with time

a world at 5000 frames per second, a life in the blink of an eye

A company proud of what it does wants to show the world
From the HD widescreen TV in your lobby and your employees’ computers and phones, to the trade fair stand and your website, your business deserves the best.
And film is a direct, captivating medium to get people engaged with your brand. Those people might be your staff and your salesforce, it might be your existing clients or it could be potential clients. Whoever you need to communicate with and whatever you need to communicate, film gives your message impact.
And it gives you control.

Working in conjunction with “3men & a Suit” Southampton
What can we do for your Business?

The first thing we’ll do is work closely with you. Nobody knows your business like you do, so we’ll spend time understanding your needs and then tailor our delivery.

Training – there’s nothing worse than internal communications videos which are dated, cliched and dull. So, we work closely with you to develop and produce training videos which are engaging, informative and to a high standard.

Promotional – whenever you have a message to share, we can help you to deliver it effectively and memorably. And we’ll ensure that it’s in the right media for your audience.

Support – we can also help with scripting, storyboarding and scheduling. And we can provide direction, technical support or postproduction work, like editing and effects.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.






cutting edge music videos

pitched, created, filmed, edited.
your music your vision.
or we can have creative input working as a collaboration.
or you can relax (pina colada  option available) and totally leave it up to us!
on time, on budget, on fire!

as seen in the NME, the guardian, the independent and the world-wide-web no-less!

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