about us

thom thom productions consists of brothers christopher and bill thom

we’ve grown up with film
The milestones of our early years were accompanied by the ticking and whirring from our father’s Super8 camera.

at the age of 12, we embarked on our first film, ‘The Invisible Boy’, which was shown on the BBC’s ‘Screen Test’ – not a bad accolade for two boys who hadn’t even hit their teens.

as he grew up, Bill took the stills route, studying Photography at Rochester. He then worked in London, and around the world, for clients such as GQ magazine, FT magazine, Channel 4, Red Bull and the Virgin Media “PROJECT” magazine for the ipad.

christopher stuck with the moving image, working his way up as a cameraman on a series of diverse projects. He’s worked on the art house cinema circuit, with success in the Straight8 competitions, as well as being second unit cameraman on the Cannonball Bike Run.

after successful careers apart, we’ve now teamed up again. With multimedia and multi-discipline film production becoming more and more challenging and exciting, it seems apt that we’re back together. All of those techniques we’ve learnt over the years are more relevant than ever.

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